Our mission

Our mission is Simple

We want every young family to finish in a better position than they started, whether that is in education, mental health, confidence and well-being.

Our Vision

what is our vision for the future?

Every parent will leave the programme with a relevant qualification
Participants will sew and sell clothing to support Kindred Clothing
Collaboration with local and international designers
Teaching our young people useful practical skills
Community outreach programme

our next steps

how are we moving towards our vision?

Our recent success in The People's Projects has opened up a world of possibilities for the project that we are incredibly excited about. As well as outreach and collaboration with designers and the textiles industry, there are a number of resources which we are gradually acquiring to move us towards our goals.


A series of skill-based workshops based on fashion and textile design that will include sewing, knitting and fabric making.


Parents will work towards accredited training qualifications to help with future employment prospects.

Play Worker

A play worker will allow the parents to concentrate on their craft knowing their children are nearby and in safe hands.


Sewing machines, cutting tools, computers, printing and dying equipment.


Fabric, wool, thread, dye, sequins, knitting needles etc.