Apron Sessions – Welcome back & Sewing Machines


Welcome back!

Today we met at the workshop for the start of the new block! We started with circle time as we had some new additions to the group. We played an ice breaker with Chika.

We broke off into groups to go over the two different patterns we could choose from an all in one (beginners) and a two piece (intermediate). They also depended on what each person wanted to make character wise for their children. Then everyone drew a sketch of what they would like their aprons to look like, so we had an idea of what they wanted to work towards.

Alice then showed everyone as a group some examples of pleating and gathering as well as the beginners apron pattern. We split into teams of which pattern people wanted to follow and began taking measurements and drafting the pattern which everyone then cut out.

At the end of the session we had circle time and discussed what was our one good thing from today’s session.

Cerrys - My one good thing about today is getting to meet everyone!

Kerri - My one good thing about today was meeting all the new kids!

Kaitlin - My one good thing was meeting new people!

Hannah - My one good thing was being more involved in teaching the session.

Nicola - My one good thing was taking on more responsibility within the group.

Zoè- My one good thing was seeing people we thought wouldn’t make it and seeing how well they did.


Meet the machines!

We started today’s session off with circle time and introduced ourselves and our children to each other, we discussed what today’s plan was and also showed everyone the fabric.

We then split up into our buddy systems and got to work. Today, we were cutting out our fabric using the patterns we made last week, as well as measuring each child for the right waist tie length and shoulder straps.

The team was also shown how to set up a sewing machine start to finish to prepare them for sewing at the next session. They will also practice on paper and scraps to gain confidence with the machines. Every one of the participants managed to get all their pattern pieces cut out and ready to sew for next week!

The kids started off by joining everyone in circle time. Nicola then took them through to the play room where they chose a few story books to read. The kids also had some free play with various toys from the toy box and the prams. The kids had some snacks at break time before getting involved in the project afterwards, which they all really enjoyed.

Nicola - my good thing about today was helping everyone with their pattern cutting as well as reading to the kids!

Cerrys - My one good thing was getting the fabric cutting finished.