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Lounge Set Sessions Round-up

July 11th

We were introduced to a new piece of equipment today - the overlocker! The overlocker is a special type of sewing machine used for edging, hemming or seaming. We were all shown how to use the overlocker as well as how to switch our sewing machines from regular stitch to cross stitch and back. We also got the opportunity to put the finishing touches to our lounge sets, stitching the neckline with ribbon fabric.

Meanwhile, the play workers organised messy play for all the kids, including pasta, jelly, shredded paper and much more! They also organised snack time and a story to end the session (which us parents love to listen to).

July 16th

A busy day of finishing off tops and cutting cloth to make bottoms ready for the masterclass on Wednesday.

The kids had a fabulous time with play worker Amy Deans, planting flower seeds in soil. They made an awesome mess!

Meanwhile, Chloe Meldrum attended first aid training with the British Red Cross.

July 18th

On July 18th, we were joined by Sam, Christie and Megan from Isolated Heroes. The aim of the day was to learn how to make sequin appliqués with the help of Isolated Heroes. Since we had all just finished our jumpers, this was the perfect opportunity to add some of our own style to them! Isolated Heroes brought along some of their own jumpers for inspiration, as well as a multitude of sequin fabrics and single sequins for us to use on this, and future projects.

We all had our own ideas for what kind of design we wanted to do, and started with a base shape of a shape, initial or name. Once we had our base shapes cut out of felt, we chose sequin fabrics and sequin outlines to really make them pop! Many of us managed to finish our designs on the same day, and the rest took them home to work on during the next session.

We were also joined by the local press - a DC Thomson photographer and STV News no less!

The kids had a great time painting with the play workers and helping their mums with the sequins, which were a big hit with the kids!

July 23rd

The goal of this session was to get everyone's lounge suits completed so we were ready for a photoshoot on Wednesday. We knew we would have to work together to get everyone up to speed, so we split into groups to help each other.

Alice helped anyone who needed work done on the sewing machines, or still needed to be shown how to use the overlocker. Nicola and Morgan worked together on drawing and sewing Morgan's appliqué. We used our patterns to cut out and sew bottoms for the lounge suits, and Alice and Hannah helped with sewing and elastic.

Play workers Amy and Chelsie kept the kids busy with Playdoh and messy play. Overall, it was a great session because we all got stuck in to help each. Teamwork was the word of the day!

July 25th

Photoshoot day!

Alice helped everyone with finishing touches just before the photoshoot so we could show our work at its best.

We met up with the amazing Mr Drew Photography and then went up to their studio in the Hilltown to take some close-ups and detail shots of the clothing.

Completed Lounge Set 1
Completed Lounge Set 2
Completed Lounge Set 3
Completed Lounge Set 4

We then walked up to Hilltown Park and took photos of the children wearing the clothing we had made for them! We headed to the playpark for some close-ups and group photos before letting the little ones play.

Lounge Set Play 1
Lounge Set Play 2
Lounge Set Play 3
Lounge Set Play 4

I really enjoyed the experience of learning something new and having a finished product at the end of it. It was amazing to be able to make a full outfit for my little girl, and photos from today will be a reminder that I achieved the goal that I set for myself. It also means that I can share the photos with Erin when she is older and tell her it's something that I made myself!

Nicola, Participant