Kindred Clothing is…

  • An incredible opportunity to learn how to make clothes, make friends, and gain an insight into aspects of the fashion industry.
  • A customised award accredited by SQA that offers learners a rich, varied and hands on learning experience.
  • For young parents and their children (childcare is included).


The course is designed to take you through the key stages of the garment production process, including setting up and using a sewing machine, garment construction, pattern making, mood boards, using a costing sheet, plus practical fashion photography and learning how to professionally present yourself, your story and your clothes. Each element of the course is delivered by an experienced maker. Learners build up portfolios documenting all the things they have learnt.

To gain the qualification you must complete all the necessary assessments, complete the mandated number of course hours, and present a portfolio of your work at the end of the course.


  • Autumn 2017: First clothes making block of sessions called DIY Family Fashion started by making Halloween costumes.
  • February 2018: DIY Family Fashion renamed Kindred Clothing.
  • May 2018: Kindred Clothing wins People’s Project STV North East Region.
  • Summer 2018: Formal launch of Kindred Clothing’s first block, featuring a masterclass with Isolated Heroes.
  • July 2019 First group of qualified assessors receive their SQA certificates.
  • December 2019: Inaugural Clothes Making Learning Partnership Meeting.
  • June 2020: Launch of Kindred Clothing online.


Kindred Clothing is a Front Lounge project

Clothes Making Learning Partnership is a group of industry professionals who contribute to the design and delivery of the Kindred Clothing course. Members to date include: Isolated Heroes, Dreamland Clothing, Dots n Stripes, min atelier, Grainger PR, Mr Drew Photography & Polaris Learning Ltd.

Funded by The Robertson Trust, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Trusthouse Charitable Foundation, Young Start (The National Lottery Community Fund).